2013 ITE Midwestern District Traffic Bowl

Three graduate students from UIUC traveled to the 2013 ITE Midwestern District Conference in Milwaukee, WI, to compete in the annual traffic bowl.  They played against seven other universities, some whom have competed previously and a new team as well.  They advanced to the final round with a few bumps or two, but played a good game against their competitors. They eventually lost to Iowa State, which has also been competing for some time.  Other ITE members also went along to network and check out technical presentations and posters. A round of applause for the team – although they didn’t advance to nationals like last year’s team, they placed 2nd in the final round in the ITE Midwestern District Conference! Pictures of the trip and technical tour of Southwest’s facilities and Milwaukee’s Mitchell airport can be found on our Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.624416367577362.1073741826.163431517009185&type=3

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