TES Conference: A Great Opportunity for Students

2015 Students Practitioners Forum

The 2015 Illinois Traffic Engineering and Safety (TES) Conference will be held this week on Oct. 14-15 at the I-Hotel and Conference Center. The annual conference brings to get policymakers, engineers and experts in the field of Traffic Engineering to discuss the state of Illinois’ transportation system. The conference will see several plenary and breakout sessions. And ITE Volunteers will be assisting attendees every step of the way.

As part of the TES Conference, three special events for students are planned, as described in the picture above. ITE is particularly excited about the Students-Practitioners Forum, which has been invaluable for students looking to enter the Transportation job market over the years. If you’re looking to attend, please join the Facebook event and don’t forget to invite your friends!

If you’re looking to attend the Pre-Conference Networking Night, remember to wear business casuals.

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