Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

As part of the TES Conference, ITE student chapter organized the 15th annual Student-Professional Round Table, bringing together top professionals and students in a candid conversation about jobs, expectations, and the disruptive promise of autonomous vehicles! A big thanks to the Illinois ITE Section for supporting the event.

Welcome to the New Year!

ITE kicked off the new year by participating in two major events on campus: Quad Day and E-Night. Both the events helped us to attract new members and tell them about the great opportunities available to them on campus. We reached out to everyone from freshmen to grad students to talk about our big events from last year – the O’Hare & CMI tours, the Chicago Networking trip, and the MTD seminar – and the excitement was visible!

This year, we’ve got some great new events planned. Bookmark this website to stay updated. If you’d like to be added to our mailing list, shoot us an email to iteuiuc@gmail.com and like our Facebook page!

Traffic Bowl 2016

The 2016 Team (L to R): Jacob Mathew, Ryan Smith, Nick Fishburn, Sushobhan Sen

The 2016 Traffic Bowl for the ITE Midwestern District was held at the ITE Midwestern/Great Lakes District Joint Meeting in Chicago in June, 2016. The U of I participated with a team composed of undergrads and grads. Other teams that participated were: the University of Minnesota, the University of Southern Illinois at Edwardsville, the State University of North Dakota, Iowa State University, and the University of Kansas.

U of I reached the finals after a nail-biting finish against UMN, wherein a tie was broken by a margin of just 0.01 for the right answer! In the finals, U of I stood second behind new champions UMN, and defeating last year’s champion Iowa State. Last year, U of I stood third.

The Traffic Bowl was followed by a great pizza night at Gino’s! We look forward to next year’s event!

ITE at EOH 2016

IMG_20160311_134525.jpgEngineering Open House, the signature outreach event of the University of Illinois, held its 2016 edition under the theme ‘The STEM of Innovation.’ Thousands of local schools and families came over to see some of the things done at this university that are pushing the boundaries of innovation.

ITE participated in the event as well. Our most popular exhibit remained the Perception Reaction Time (PRT) instrument, and we had kids (and adults) competing with each other for the fastest reaction time. The record this year was 0.12 seconds. Aside from that, we had a lot of selfies with the full-scale traffic light as well.

In addition to those, we had a live visual and audio feed of O’Hare International Airport’s ATC running, and also showed an old electro-mechanical traffic controller. Both of these were highly appreciated and we always had large crowds.

Bringing Students and Practitioners Together

IMG_2063 IMG_2058 20151014_190836 20151014_190816

The 2015 edition of the Annual ITE Students-Practitioners Forum was held in Newmark Civil Engineering Building on Oct. 14, 2015 as an adjunct event with the Illinois TES Conference that started on the same day. The event saw engaging discussions, in which students asked about everything from finding a job in the Transportation Engineering industry to the effect of the ongoing impasse over the Illinois state budget on industry.

President Abdul Rauf and faculty adviser Prof. Ray Benekohal kicked off the discussion with professionals representing an array of well-known companies, including CH2M and Jacobs, that are engaged in a variety of projects in Illinois and beyond. Professionals came in all age-groups, from veterans of the industry who explained the debilitating effects of lack of state funding for transportation projects, to younger engineers closer to the students’ age, who talked about the changing necessities in industry with respect to computer programming and multi-tasking.

Students in attendance represented a broad spectrum of students from UIUC, ranging from freshmen curious about transportation to PhD candidates. Delicious pizza was served, sponsored by Illinois ITE, whose Director of Student Affairs Brian Roberts was also in attendance. The event ended with practitioners expressing interest in helping ITE UIUC conduct a field trip to O’Hare Airport.

TES Conference: A Great Opportunity for Students

2015 Students Practitioners Forum

The 2015 Illinois Traffic Engineering and Safety (TES) Conference will be held this week on Oct. 14-15 at the I-Hotel and Conference Center. The annual conference brings to get policymakers, engineers and experts in the field of Traffic Engineering to discuss the state of Illinois’ transportation system. The conference will see several plenary and breakout sessions. And ITE Volunteers will be assisting attendees every step of the way.

As part of the TES Conference, three special events for students are planned, as described in the picture above. ITE is particularly excited about the Students-Practitioners Forum, which has been invaluable for students looking to enter the Transportation job market over the years. If you’re looking to attend, please join the Facebook event and don’t forget to invite your friends!

If you’re looking to attend the Pre-Conference Networking Night, remember to wear business casuals.

2015 Kickoff with E-Night

At the ITE Booth

ITE kicked off the new academic year with a booth at E-Night, the event for Engineering RSOs organized by the Engineering Council on Aug 29. We told freshmen and other prospective members about how important transportation is to their lives and society as a whole, and what ITE does to encourage people to build a career in the area. We also showed off the awards and prizes that we earned last year!