April General Meeting – Mock Traffic Bowl

Four teams of two battled it out in 1233 Newmark in a mock Traffic Bowl competition!  Okay, maybe it was not that dramatic, but nevertheless, everyone took part in a Jeopardy-style game where traffic signal- and transportation-related knowledge was tested.  Questions ranging from traffic detector terminology to bus stop locations were given and answered.  The real pressure came when the Student Chapter’s advisor and professor of a Traffic Capacity Analysis class of which some participants were a part of, Dr. Benekohal, came in to watch.

We also introduced the Midwestern District Conference (where Traffic Bowl will take place) to gauge student interest.  It should be exciting, especially because there will be plenty of other activities then!

Kelly Dunne, President of the UIUC Student Chapter, talks about the Midwestern District Conference to gauge student interest.
Mock Traffic Bowl

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